Pellet Barlinek - efektywny, ekologiczny pellet drzewny
EcoBriketts – General Information

_EcoBriketts – General Information

What is briquette?

Briquette is a regular blocks of flammable material, such as sawdust, peat, straw, charcoal or fine coal, pressed under high pressure.

Barlinek EcoBrickett is produced exclusively from sawdust, shavings and woodchips from beech and oak, free of unwanted impurities. The application of the high pressure forms the briquette which is characterised by a compact structure and high density.

The production of Ecobrikket does not involve the addition of artificial enhancers or bonding agents, it is made entirely from by-products of the mechanical treatment of wood.

Ecobrikett has a water content of less than 10%. The heating value of a ton of Ecobriketts is equivalent to:

~ 3-5 m3 of firewood

~ 518 l of fuel oil

~ 577 m3 of natural gas

~ 933 kg of lignite

~ 637 kg of hard coal

EcoBrikett is an ideal fuel for closed or open fireplaces, it is also well suited to wood-gas furnaces or solid fuel central heating boilers.

EcoBriketts are a source of renewable energy, unlike wood it burns up almost completely – the amount of ash left is a mere 0.5% of the weight of the briquettes burnt. This ash can be used as an ecological fertiliser for plants, as it contains just the wood’s mineral components. This fuel is safe for the natural environment, since when it burns only trace amounts of sulphur oxides and nitrogen are produced, which protects both the natural environment and also the chimney and roof covering.

Its high compression means it takes up much less space than firewood.

Barlinek EcoBrikett is pure concentrated warmth.

_Logistic information

_Logistic information

Approximate dimensions of Ecobriketts – 165 x 100 x 64 mm, weight approx. 0.83 kg

Individual packaging – 10kg sealed bag multi-pack with a convenient handle
Dimensions – 165 x 200 x 385 mm

Transport on a pallet – 1000kg (100 multi-packs) on a Europallet (1.2×0.8), wrapped in foil and secured with fastening belts.